1 of 1 Orange Cardigan
1 of 1 Orange Cardigan
1 of 1 Orange Cardigan
1 of 1 Orange Cardigan
1 of 1 Orange Cardigan

1 of 1 Orange Cardigan

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Welcome to our BRAND NEW sustainable knitwear range! 

This collection is our latest attempt to reduce our textile waste and make something beautiful while we're at it! Over the years, Megan has built up a huge collection of knit swatches, including some really special yarns and patterns which were crying out for a new lease of life. These samples deserved more than being hidden in storage, so we've been on a mission to create some one of a kind textile magic!

We have created a range of breathtaking knitwear - each piece is completely unique and perfectly patchworked. Each is listed separately, so be sure to check out the full collection! This is our Orange Cardigan, crafted from a zesty orange yarn and patchworked with crochet pockets.

Expect a combination of knit and crochet techniques, contrasting textures and range of colours, all crafted together with skill and precision by our team of talented rainbow queens!

Size Options:

One Size.


Mixed textiles. 

Care Instructions:

Hand wash and air dry.

A Note From Megan

From design to fruition every item is handmade individually with expert care. We believe that what you wear can impact how you feel and want to encourage everyone to feel fabulous. Our brand ethos is all about sustainability, inclusivity, and that feel good factor. Check out our About Us page to learn more.

Stay bright, stay sassy, stay fabulous!