We've had a face lift!

Hello! You may have noticed recently that we look a little different, and have changed our website address to When I started the business 10 years ago as a rather rudimentary hand knitter I did not have the foresight that I would be making such a wide variety of clothing in the future. With our Liberty fleece products starting to dominate the clothing line, I felt it was time to reduce the focus on knitwear and bring attention to myself as a designer. Looking back to my work from several years ago, it wasn't optimised for my targeted markets;...

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Be Warm, Be Seen in NYC

What a whirlwind these last few months/years have been. It all rolls into one! Lots has changed inside the walls of the Crooked House but before we get to that I wanted to share some of my experiences from NYFW. I've been back just over a week and full of cold, very unlike me. Despite the weather I had a fabulous time in the Big Apple. Here's a pic of me caught in the snow, stopped on a street corner by the beautiful Olive @pineappleO, keyboard player of  Late Cambrian, wearing the coat I made especially for the trip. I was...

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