We've had a face lift!


You may have noticed recently that we look a little different, and have changed our website address to megancrook.com

When I started the business 10 years ago as a rather rudimentary hand knitter I did not have the foresight that I would be making such a wide variety of clothing in the future. With our Liberty fleece products starting to dominate the clothing line, I felt it was time to reduce the focus on knitwear and bring attention to myself as a designer. Looking back to my work from several years ago, it wasn't optimised for my targeted markets; either too funky and body conscious for many, or too expensive to produce for festival goer budgets. Fret not! Knitwear will still be produced, but the creation of 3 dedicated brands for my designs has really helped me create better products for each specific demographic.

We now have three new logos to help signify the separation between each line:

Crooked Knitwear emphasises hand made - the brand you're all familiar with. Get Crooked is fun and playful - if you've seen us at festivals you won't have failed to notice this!

The Megan Crook (MC) line is clean, design led and iconic. This represents our latest venture, officially having launched online earlier this week. This high end range was created with boutique buyers in mind, and I would love to see my work in shops again. However with selling direct to public for so many years through Crooked Knitwear, the work I produced was not priced according the retail market. We live in a factory produced, high street society and I'm fearful of pricing myself out of Crooked Knitwear's target audience. To explain, if garments were priced to cover all material costs, a fair wage for the skilled labour involved and a margin for overheads and profit  then everything sold through Crooked Knitwear would need to be at least 20-30% more expensive. With this in mind the Megan Crook range is about making a fresh start and using all the skills and knowledge I've acquired over the last 10 years to create my strongest work yet. This collection champions the highest quality materials, top notch photography and impeccable attention to detail. I've taken fairisle in a new direction following recent collaboration with shoe designer Caterina Belluardo and gone back to my roots with some beautiful hand knit jumpers in Rowan yarn. The textures of the hand knits resemble the geometric shapes of the fairisle pattern and both coordinate effortlessly with colours of the coveted Liberty Art Fabrics used throughout. Many pieces of this collection have taken an excess of 60 hours to produce and the proof is in the pudding. Enjoy!